The Death Cure

After completing his journey in the Scorch, Thomas is on WICKED’s headquarters being studied in isolation from his friends.

After almost four weeks of being isolated in the white box a delegate from WICKED tells Thomas that everything has ended, that the trials have done what they’re meant to do and that indeed he’s infected with ‘the flare’ but that he is in a rare group of people who are immune to the disease.

Thomas does not trust anybody now, just the friends that had stood with him ever since the beginning this meaning Minho and Newt, and maybe Brenda and Jorge.

At this point all Thomas wants is to escape from WICKED it doesn’t matter what they want or who he was and what he believed, the person who he is now it’s all that matters to him.

When he reunites with his friends and the survivors from the scorch they’re told that their memory will be reestablish.

There’s a minor group who don’t want their memories back, Minho, Newt and Thomas. The rest of the guys agree to have them back.

WICKED guards guide Minho, Newt and Thomas to a room where they will await for whatever WICKED’s planned for them.

When they find out that their memories will be reestablished whether they want it or not, they make a run but are immediately restrained by guards; but that doesn’t stop them, with the help of Brenda they manage to escape, soon they find that their friends had left without them.

But far from WICKED’s headquarters a new movement it’s being build, the Right Arm organization whom stand with only one propose that is, to destroy WICKED and stop their deadly ways.

Now Thomas is involve with these people and his friends to free others from WICKED’s hands and to finally find a way to stop them for good.


The third and last book of The Maze Runner trilogy by James Dashner starts with the Gladers and the remaining girls from group B experiment when they’re rescued from the Scorch city.

They’re taken to WICKED’s headquarters to end the final test that will lead to a cure for the ‘flare’, but at the new knowledge that surrounds the Gladers, the girls from group B is that WICKED won’t stop, if this attend to find a cure results in a waste of time, then WICKED will restart the experiments beginning from scratch that includes new subjects for their experiments that means more teenagers, boys and girls to go back to the Maze until they can find a cure.

This news break into them and they can accept them, after living them in their own flesh what is like to risk their life to survive the maze and everything that, that took from them they won’t accept it, it’s time to end WICKED for good.


This books are amazing, amazing in the fact that it’s a dystopian story, something you hadn’t seen or know about. I like the detailed everything is, like descriptions of the ‘Grievers’ and the maze itself, descriptions of the cities and WICKED headquarters and all the procedures that the scientist are doing, I really liked it.

But, I’m disappointed in this final book, we know that Thomas it’s betrayed, that Teresa and Aris betrayed him, but we also know that this was all set up from WICKED. His friends are threaten, if they didn’t do what they asked them to do, then Thomas will die.

So, I hoped, I really really hoped that in the third book James would make Teresa gain Thomas trust again (and actually she did gained it back) but instead I see this girl Brenda become the co-protagonist of these trilogy when is Teresa who’s been there since the very beginning!

I was really disappointed for that, and not just that, Teresa dies!! She dies, and along with her a bunch of immune people die too, and well I’ll just say that I had a hard time trying to finish this book, I couldn’t stand it.

And I even end up kind of hating Thomas for being (for me) a coward and not wanting his memories back. That would it had answer a lot of questions I still have.

But overall it’s actually a good story, I just didn’t like that much this last book, either way it’s worth the time reading it and that’s just my point of view. Other may love this book but as my favorite I will say that, that is the first one.

Love.- Marie.

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